Talkin’ blues: when XC meets life. Offene Berlin-Brandenburgische Crossmeisterschaften.

With its curious course through a small forest laying on a sandy soil, this XC race is one of the most interesting in the neighborhood of Berlin. The first date of the “Offene Berlin-Brandenburgische Crossmeisterschaften” (Open Berlin and Brandenburg’s Cross Country Championship) is held in Ludwigsfelde from many years and both the location and the organization fully deserve the title. Maybe with a longest single lap (around 1.1 km nowadays) the run would become a bit more interesting, since the long course needs 8 laps to be completed. The link to the results is at the end of the post.
Here is the GPS-track of the race:

The following two pictures are a kind of hilarious way to think about small problems of life. The biggest achievement is to be healthy and to be there playing like a kid, while you can’t wait to finish the race, just to tell your girlfriend how tired you are, how hard were the uphills and how strong were the opponents that you left behind.

Even if you train hard and you “eat your carbs two hours and a half before the effort”…

…and even if you have your brand new New Balance RX507CG at your feet, don’t forget that Shit Happens (see pic)!

A short photographic description of the race field:
Beautiful transition in the woods.

A small glade before the slopes.

Going up!

This downhill was very difficult to pass fast.

Picturesque start on a short Tartan straight.

The start.

Running around…

The finish.

For the record, the full results are shown HERE.