MAMMUT® presents: the biggest peak project in history – PHASE 3 "The Zuitas™" team has been selected!

Thanks again to your fundamental support, the team has been selected! Now we can proudly dress our owl with the MAMMUT® logo and make her look at the top of our charming and massive mountain, the Monte Civetta! We have no official data, but we suspect that this is the first time MAMMUT® dresses an animal ;).

The new logo, after the selection.

For the forgetful people and for the new followers, the old logo appeared like that:
The old logo.
Thank you all again for the support and now…finger crossed for the climb! You can take a look at our team page by clicking HERE: you will find a detailed tour description and the profiles of the team members, together with the explanation of the project. The tour dates are being decided in these days, so stay tuned for the updates!

MAMMUT® presents: the biggest peak project in history – PHASE 2

“The Zuitas™” passed the first selection!
The first selection has come to an end, the teamleaders are decided and the teams are going to be built! We passed to the phase 2 creating a team called “The Zuitas™”, whose logo is the charming owl representing Mount Civetta, the target of our trip.
Our virtual mountain has been selected between more than 2000 other projects and we are now in the first 300 supported teams (3rd most supported team in Italy!). Here comes the description of the trip we proposed to the jury, hoping to enter the final stage and becoming part of the 150 teams that will take part in the biggest peak project history!
Between 4th and 5th August, 1931, Emilio Comici and Giulio Benedetti opened this extremely beautiful and intelligent line to Cima Civetta. For the 80th anniversary of the climb, our team is going to celebrate the event with a double ascent: an expert team of three people (one or two of them are Alpin Guides) will climb the route on the NW face of Monte Civetta, while a second team of mountain enthusiasts with at least 5 years of alpinism experience will climb the mountain through the via ferrata “Degli Alleghesi”, the normal route for the top (a pretty difficult ferrata with a great line around the mount, 9 hours for 1100 m of drop: ). The meeting on the top will greatly celebrate the anniversary, hopefully in the days planned (weather forecasts will make the final decision).
The name of the team recalls the most famous quote from Emilio Comici: “Perché Zuita? Perché la incanta!” (tr.: “Why Civetta? Because she charms!”, where “Civetta”, the name of the mount, means “Owl”).